Betty & Veronica as Captain Marvel & Spider-Woman


Here is a private commission featuring Archie Comics’ Betty & Veronica as Marvel Comics’ Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman. The colors are all Copic markers except for the light blue background which was one of my Charpak markers.


These sort of mash-ups are easily the most popular requests I get for commissions and sketches especially Betty and Veronica cosplaying as different DC and Marvel characters. I can expect to draw at least once at every convention Betty as Supergirl or Power Girl or Veronica as Wonder Woman.

In this case, I’ve drawn the Jessica Drew Spider-Woman costume a couple of times now but this is my first time drawing Carol Danvers’ fairly recent Captain Marvel look. The Spider-Woman costume is one of my favorite Marvel designs as is Carol Danvers’ Dave Cockrum designed black Ms. Marvel costume. It’s a classically strong, striking, but elegantly simple look. The new Captain Marvel look isn’t a bad design but the Cockrum design is still my preferred look for Carol. Its a real shame that Marvel… at least for now… has replaced both the classic Spider-Woman and the Cockrum Ms. Marvel costumes.  I’m not a big fan to replace iconic costumes with these more realistic (I guess…) outfits that look like homemade cosplay costumes. I like my heroes in costumes! Real skintight costumes. Masks! Maybe even with a cape on some of ’em! Its too much a part of the super hero fantasy.


As Dan Parent and I dive into commission requests that have piled up from last year’s Kickstarter, I’ll be posting more of my share of the requests. Please keep checking back here to see what’s new and please add comments and share. I love comments and I really do reply to all of them. Thanks!

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