Colors for JUGHEAD BY NIGHT #32 Cover Art

The colored version of my cover art for a fictional JUGHEAD BY NIGHT #32!

Here it is! This one took a while but I REALLY didn’t want to screw it up!

Here is the colors for a private commission I illustrated featuring the cover art for a fictional Jughead By Night #32. This one obviously is an homage to the historic first appearance of Marvel Comics’ Moon Knight in Werewolf By Night #32.

Marvel Comics’ Werewolf By Night #32, the first appearance of Moon Knight.

The colors here a combination of Copic and Chartpak markers. The background blue is Chartpak’s space blue marker which I often use for Jughead’s trademark S sweatshirt in many Jughead marker commissions that I do. Here the space blue scanned much lighter and bright than its actual color. On the physical art, the blue is a lot closer to the darker, more saturated blue on the original Werewolf By Night #32 cover seen above.

This was a fun piece for me. As most people who know me or have been reading my posts here will know, Moon Knight is a long time favorite character of mine so I really dig in to any opportunity to draw him. Werewolves are also fun to draw too and are a favorite monster of mine.

Here is the inked version of this piece…

The inks for my Jughead By Night #32 cover art.

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