Coming Soon! The Haunted Cowboy!

Coming soon, Everybody!

Here’s the latest project I’m currently working on… The Haunted Cowboy.

Rusty Grainger is a poor, picked upon, fifteen year old misfit living in the notorious Old West town of Deadwood. Working at the local livery and in love with the fetching young Abigail Archer, Rusty is living a hard life besieged by the local bullies and an overbearing uncle. Things get worse when Rusty witnesses his hero, the legendary Wild Bill Hickok get gunned down right before his eyes. Rusty thinks everything is all over but his adventures are just getting started when he discovers he’s no longer alone in life. Accompanied by the gunslinging ghost of Wild Bill, Rusty has become …the Haunted Cowboy!

The Haunted Cowboy is a fifty-five page graphic novel written by Scott Young, drawn by me and inked by the brilliant Kim DeMulder. I’ve known Kim for thirty years. In fact, Kim was one of my instructors at the Kubert School where I’ve joined him on the faculty these past twenty-five years. In all the time we’ve known each other, this is the first opportunity we’ve had to work together and I could not be happier or more fortunate. Kim really brings a lot of artistry and craft to these pages. With his organic sensibilities and his mastery of different textures, he’s perfect for the rough and weathered look of a western. He’s really making us both look good.

We’re also incredibly fortunate to have the incredible Tom Mandrake drawing the cover for this project. After his own successful Kros graphic novel, Tom is certainly no stranger to the Old West and as a longtime artist on DC’s The Spectre, he’s very familiar with the supernatural so I’m really looking forward to what he comes up with for us. I’ll certainly post images as soon as they’re available. With Tom on board, this project so far is completely being put together by veterans of the great Kubert School. Tom, Kim, Scott and I are all graduates of the School!

The Haunted Cowboy will be available through our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. We’re hoping to launch very, very soon. In fact, we’re only days away. I’ll keep you posted so please keep checking back here for updates. We hope that when we launch, everybody will check out our project and support us if you can. Please, if I may impose a little more, if you can’t contribute to Rusty’s cause, please help us spread the word by sharing our posts across your social media wherever you can. Everything helps and its the only way we can make this project happen!

As with all of our Kickstarter campaigns, there will be a lot of goodies and opportunities for original art and commissions available through the campaign!Don’t miss out! For more updates about The Haunted Cowboy, join The Haunted Cowboy Facebook page:



Finally, a big “thank you” to The Haunted Cowboy creator, Scott Young, my Scrabble nemesis, for putting this project together and for including me in on the fun. Its been a blast so far and we’ve already kicked around a couple of possibilities for more!

Stay tuned, Everybody!



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