Die Kitty Die Cathouse Of Horror Cover Art


Coming this Halloween! The Die Kitty Die Cathouse Of Horror Halloween Special!

As I’ve mentioned in a recent post this week, the Die Kitty Die Heaven & Hell Kickstarter has been a huge success. Not only did we achieve our goal, but we also reached a number of stretch goals including this very special book. Last year’s Die Kitty Die Summer Special and the Die Kitty Die Christmas Special were both very popular. We expect the Die Kitty Die Halloween Special to make just as much of a splash.

Pictured here is my black and white art to my cover for the Halloween Special. It is of course an homage to the iconic cover for EC Comics’ classic comic, Crime Suspense Stories #22. You can see the original cover here:



My black and white cover art is currently in the talented hands of my incredible colorist, Anwar Hanano. I can’t wait to see Anwar work his magic on this one!

What say you all? What other iconic covers would you like to see parodied on the front of Die Kitty Die? Please let me know in the Comments section below!


Thanks, Everybody!





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