Mark Hamill poses with my Archie drawing!


As a long-time Star Wars fan, this was a bit of a thrill for me! Mark Hamill, Luke Skywalker himself, tweeted a pic of himself posing with a drawing I did for him of Archie as Luke Skywalker!

The way this came about was at this past New York Comic Con, Archie Comics Editor-in-Chief, Victor Gorelick, asked me to draw a picture of Archie as Luke Skywalker. It was going to be a gift for Mark Hamill given to him by the great comics historian, Craig Yoe. Craig has partnered with Victor to write a number of Archie hardcover books such as THE ART OF BETTY & VERONICA and THE ART OF ARCHIE: THE COVERS and a couple more. They are VERY nice books and I very much recommend them! I’m even featured in a few! You can see Mark holding one of the books along with my drawing in the pic above. I drew the drawing and handed into Victor, who passed it on to Craig, who passed it onto Mark along with the book. I forgot all about it until Mark tweeted the above pic. Now although I’m a big Star Wars fan, I’d never followed Mark on Twitter so I didn’t see the pic until Jim Penola, one of my former students brought my attention to it. Naturally, I thanked Mark for the tweet and he gave me a very nice and gracious public thank you! He even mentioned that the drawing was going to be framed and hung up on his wall next to an original Fred Hembeck, which was a second thrill and an honor for me!

See? You never know where your work is going to lead you! The Force was definitely with me on this one!


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