PS #722 Cover


This is my cover for The US Army’s PS magazine #722.

PS is a magazine originally started by comic book legend and pioneer Will Eisner and distributed by the US Army to its troops. The magazine is largely devoted to military tech and the value of preventive maintenance. For a number of years, the great Joe Kubert produced the magazine himself at his studio, Tell-A-Graphics. After Joe passed in 2012, Tell-A-Graphics continued to produce the magazine and I was brought in to help with some of the art.

This was my very first cover for the magazine. I would do a small number which I’ll post here eventually. I drew everything on the cover except for the drone. With the priority of the magazine being the technology and the machinery, the Army was very particular about how its equipment and vehicles were drawn. To that end, most of the tech on the pages I drew was handled by other artists who specialized in that stuff. I largely did the figures and backgrounds.


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