Scarlet Returns in “Straw Thinking!”

In my past few posts, I’ve been teasing about a couple of projects I was involved in that I wasn’t free to discuss. I still can’t talk about some of them but one very special project is all ready to be revealed and is now available for purchase to fans everywhere.

Last year, I drew “Kindness Works,” my very first Archie story in two years. “Kindness Works” is a very special story dealing with autism and introduces Scarlet, the very first autistic Archie character. Now Scarlet is back in a brand new four page story entitled, “Straw Thinking.” The brainchild of Archie Comics co-CEO, Nancy Silberkleit, “Straw Thinking” has an environmental message and talks about the ecological ramifications of plastic straws. This story is already being discussed in the press. You can read an article on “Straw Thinking”  from right here:

This story assembles a nice crew that made me very happy. I provided the pencils. My pal… a fellow Legion of Super Heroes fan…, Jack Briglio, wrote the script. Jack is a colleague from Chapterhouse Publishing who has written the great True Patriot series. If you haven’t checked out True Patriot, I strongly recommend it. If you’re a fan of classic, fun super heroes, then this is a series that you’ve probably been hungering for! Jack and I have known each other for a while and we’ve been looking for a project to collaborate on for years. I’m glad we were able to finally get together on something. I have a feeling this won’t be the last!

Another Chapterhouse veteran, Andrew Thomas, provided the inks, colors and letters. Andrew has worked with Dan Parent and myself on Die Kitty Die and Andrew also lettered “Kindness Works”. I’m happy to see his participation expanded in “Straw Thinking.” You can see a finished page post-Andrew’s magic below:

“Straw Thinking” is currently available exclusively as a PDF and may be purchased directly by going to and sending .99 to I hope everyone will give this a shot and hopefully we’ll get more Scarlett very soon!

Give “Straw Thinking” a try, Everybody… and please let me know what you think in the Comments below!

Thanks, Everybody!



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