Secret Origin Saturday Super Sneak Peek!

A SUPER Sneak Peek At Next Week’s Secret Origin Saturday!

Bad news, Everybody!

This week’s Secret Origin Saturday is going to have to be postponed until next week! With the Holiday and many projects that I have to work on or wrap up completely, I couldn’t get this week’s page done in time so we’ll have to do it next week! Never fear! Our next episode will still feature SOS’ very first female super hero and our sneak preview above should be a huge hint as to who our next SUPER star will be! I’m sure fellow sharp-eyed Silver Age fans have already figured this one out!

Now… what are those other projects? Well, a lot of them are commissions ordered through last year’s Die Kitty Die Starstruck Kickstarter campaign. There are a lot of single character commissions that I need to complete. Rest assured as I do, I’ll be posting them here so please keep checking back. You’re going to see lots of activity here in the next few days. There is another big project that I need to complete that I can’t talk about just yet… at least I don’t think I can. Once again… keep checking back here for details and updates!

Okay, Everybody! Back to the drawing table!!


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