Supergirl & Streaky


The rebuilding of the portfolio continues!

Supergirl is always a popular piece in my portfolio and Betty as Supergirl is usually especially popular. Here I’m drawing a slightly realistically detailed Betty as the Girl of Steel. I’m not sure if she’s “Betty” enough because most people are just taking this one as a straight Supergirl. Lately, I’ve noticed that the Super-Pets… especially Streaky the Super-Cat when he’s included in the Supergirl pieces… really grabs a lot of attention so I threw him in too. I may have to do a few more Super-Pet-centric pieces since they seem to do so well. Speaking of which, this piece has already sold. A fan on Facebook saw the black and white line art to it and purchased it immediately. Thanks, Matthew! Super Betty is on her way to you!

Super Betty here is sporting what I consider to be the perfect Supergirl costume. I’m not a fan of the trend to clutter up elegantly simple designs with needless lines and seams. I prefer a sleek simple design that reflects Superman’s own costume. I guess this version is best reflected in the Helen Slater Supergirl outfit from the 1984 (85?) movie. I never cared for the bare midriff stuff she wore in the 90’s and early-2000’s or many of the gaudy, over-designed stuff from the 70’s. I guess out of her published outfits my favorites have been her original look (I always wanted the skirt to be red though. This look always seemed too “blue heavy.”) and I’ve always had a soft spot for the 1970’s “hot pants” look. Admittedly, this design is very mired in the 70’s but I guess since it was the outfit the character was wearing when I first became aware of her, I’ll always have a special connection to it. What’s your favorite Supergirl look? Let me know in the comments below!

I’ve got a few more pieces in the works so I’ll be posting them here as I finish them off. Please keep checking back!

Again, if there are characters and ideas you’d like to see me tackle, just let me know in the Comments below. I don’t promise I’m going to draw every one but I’ll certainly consider all suggestions!

Thanks, Everybody!




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