The Carneys Are Coming!


The fan-favorite The Carneys are coming to Die Kitty Die!

We announced during the Die Kitty Die Hollywood Or Bust Kickstarter that guest-starring in this next Kitty epic would be Dan Parent’s characters, The Carneys. Dan and his co-creator, the talented Bill Golliher, published a number of stories and at least one special featuring The Carneys many years ago over at Archie Comics. The Carneys have been lying dormant ever since until NOW!

In Die Kitty Die Hollywood Or Bust, readers will discover that Kitty has been long-time friends with The Carney’s two-headed daughter, Linda-Louise. This will be the connection necessary to bring everyone’s favorite freak family into Kitty’s latest crazy caper! Will the Carneys help Kitty… or will they just help Kitty to Die, Kitty! DIE! Read the upcoming series and find out!

The above pin-up is my first time drawing these characters. I took the liberty of adding the little monkey at the bottom just because… well, I felt like drawing a monkey! The inks are by Rich Koslowski and the colors are by Anwar Hanano!




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