The Face Of The Iron Ghost !

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  1. Dennis

    The eyes and big jaw remind me a little of Gigantor, along with the prominent sharp nose (although Gigantor’s is more like a pencil point). Anwar did a great job on the coloring here, making a character who technically has no facial expression look appropriately dark and menacing. I just love the good old-fashioned design robots. I’ve always been a fan of everything from Isaac Asimov to the Japanese super robot characters, and all the great stuff in between — Robby, B9 from LiS, etc.

  2. fernando

    I’ve always loved robots myself …especially what we’re now calling “retro” robots. You’ve mentioned a couple of my favorites… Robby and the Lost In Space robot. I never really watched Gigantor. That show wasn’t in reruns… at least not to my knowledge… when I was a kid growing up in New Jersey watching NYC area television. I can’t really say Gigantor was an influence.

    I also agree that Anwar did a great job. Much of the look of this piece is owed to his palette and initiative.

    I mentioned that I did this as a piece for a sketchbook I was doing at the time. I’d put that on hold, but it looks like the sketchbook is back on! Dan Parent and I had offered a sketchbook of mine as a reward during our Die Kitty Die Kickstarter campaign. Now we have to make it! I’ll be sure to include this one with my other Iron Ghost sketches… and a few other surprises!

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