The Haunted Cowboy Rides!


And The Haunted Cowboy Kickstarter campaign is LIVE!

We actually have been up and running for over a week now, but with Toronto Comicon this past weekend, I haven’t had the chance to talk about The Haunted Cowboy on here in the time since we’ve launched.

As I posted recently, The Haunted Cowboy is a fifty-five page supernatural western graphic novel. It is written by creator Scott Young, pencilled by me, and gloriously inked by the great Kim DeMulder. The legendary Tom Mandrake provided us with a gorgeous cover which may be seen on our Kickstarter page:

The Haunted Cowboy focuses on Deadwood, South Dakota during the wild west years. Fifteen year old, Rusty Grainger is a gangly hard luck teen ager who is besieged by the local bullies, hassled by his over-bearing uncle, and in love with the loveliest lass in town. Rusty’s long time hero, western legend Wild Bill Hickok arrives in Deadwood to clean it up but he is murdered right before Rusty’s eyes. For Rusty all hope is gone, but it’s up to the ghost of Wild Bill to show him exactly how wrong he is! Please check out the link above for more details. At the top of this page, I’m showcasing my latest page for this book. Please help us make it happen! If you’ve already pledged, thank you! We really could’t do any of this without you.

Please keep checking back here for more updates!

Thanks, Everybody!



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