The Justice League Of America!

Here is a pin-up I drew of my favorite super hero team, DC Comics’ Justice League of America.

For this piece, I chose to focus on the classic line-up of what has become widely known as the “Satellite-era JLA” referring to the period when the team was headquartered on their own private satellite in orbit 23,000 (or was it 22 K?) miles above the Earth. I know! I’m missing Hawkwoman from the group. Unfortunately, I just ran out of room and visually, Hawkman, being another figure with huge wings, just makes her redundant. I usually draw this group shot about once a year so I’ll be sure to make room for her next year!

A couple of small deviations from the vintage of this particular team are the raised logos on the Flash and Green Lantern and the traces of metal on Wonder Woman’s costume. I realize these characters at this time in the League’s history wore simpler designs but in an attempt to give the piece a little timelessness, I tried to subtly modify the characters. I know it seems arbitrary, but these are the choices I made.

What do you think? Please let me know in the comments below!

Thanks, Everybody!


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