The PITIFUL HUMAN LIZARD #10 Variant Cover



As I said in my post for my variant cover for Captain Canuck #10, October 2016 is DIE KITTY DIE Month! In celebration of the first issue of Chapterhouse Comics’ Die Kitty Die ongoing series, Chapterhouse is having Dan Parent and myself do a number of variant covers for many of their regular series. I’ve already posted my variant cover to Captain Canuch #10. You can check it out here:

Here I’m posting my variant cover to one of my favorite Chapterhouse books, The Pitiful Human Lizard #10. Each of our covers has a Halloween theme with the star of the book interacting with our Kitty Ravencraft and a scary monster! This particular issue of The Pitiful Human Lizard also introduces a NEW Human Lizard. Check it out! Pitiful Human Lizard creator, Jason Loo, does a great job! The beautiful colors on this issue are by the great Anwar Hanano.

Check out my covers as well as all of Chapterhouse’s October solicitations at First Comics News below:


Make sure your local comic shops order plenty of copies of your favorite books. Never assume your LCS is just going to order them as part of their regular shipments. Talk to them… especially if you’re interested in our variants. Not every shop always orders those. Let’s make DIE KITTY DIE a HIT! Call your LCS TODAY!

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