Veronica… A Private Commission

Here is a headshot of Archie Comics’ Veronica Lodge done as a personal commission for a private Veronica fan. The piece measures 9″ x 12″ and is inked and colored with a combination of Copic and Chartpak markers.

I remain, as always, available for private commissions. In this case, the buyer approached me on Facebook and we were able to make this happen. If anyone is ever interested in any sort of commission, don’t feel that you have to wait until you can see me at a convention. In fact, its a lot better to get me away from the convention scene where I have more time and can comfortably put more into a piece than I could sitting at a crowded, noisy con where I have limited materials and a very short time to turn the piece around in. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime.

Incidentally, often when people email me via this site, they get some notice that leaves them doubting if their message is getting through. Rest assured I do get your emails and just to make everyone feel better, you can directly reach me at

Although a big chunk of my published work has been with Archie and I really don’t tire of those characters, please don’t feel limited in what you can request for your commissions. I’m open to drawing any and all types of characters. I hope a quick perusal of my Portfolio page here at this sight will reflect the versatility I’ve always worked hard for. Cartoon characters, super heroes, monsters, aliens… I’m up for anything!

Speaking of conventions, I will be appearing at Garden State Comic Fest in Morristown, NJ later this month. I’ll be posting those details on my Events page soon. If anyone wants to line up a commission to be picked up at that show, please just let me know. Keep in mind, time is growing short! Reach out soon!


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