Adventure Comics ala Anwar!


I posted another version of this one not too long ago. This was a very fun private commission for one of my favorite couples, the great Billy and Susan D’Ettorre, featuring two concepts the three of us absolutely love… The Legion Of Substitute Heroes and the Legion Of Super-Pets.

The version I posted earlier was the original piece which I colored by hand myself using a combination of Copic and Chartpak markers. You can see that version here:

I’ve since sent this off to the D’Ettorres and they’ve been very happy and complimentary about it. Ironically in a sad way, the piece arrived on the same day, their dear cat, Geraldine, passed away. I ¬†hope the piece brought them some comfort and I hope Geraldine is off in Kitty Heaven forming her own Super-Pets!

This latest version was colored digitally by the always great Anwar Hanano. As usual, I love to give Anwar plenty of leeway so that he can do his thing. In this case, I passed off a black and white scan of my inks to him and let him work his magic. I offered very little guidance other than some identification of the characters involved. Anwar’s a good deal younger than I am so he might not be up on his Subs and Super-Pets. Regardless, he did a stellar job here capturing the Silver Age elegance with a modern dynamic. ¬†Purple was a very common background cover for DC Comics of the Silver Age. I didn’t mention it to Anwar so I don’t know if his use here is just a personal preference or the result of his own research. Either way, it’s a perfect choice and it works out great! I also love Polar Boy’s ice blast here.


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