Spider-Man Meets Batman!

This is a piece I’d started earlier this year but I had to put it aside in order to finish some other more pressing jobs. This one after all isn’t a paying gig. This one is entirely for fun. Fortunately, I recently got a little time to squeeze this one in and finish it.

In current news… Right now, I’m in the middle of drawing the art for the Menage A 3 Zombie Special for my pal, Gisele Lagace’s Pixie Trix Comix. I’ve mentioned this project before. Gisele regularly holds a Kickstarter campaign to fund the print versions of her incredibly popular webcomics from Pixie Trix. Her campaigns are wildly successful and attain a number of different… and fun… stretch goals. I’ve been lucky to have been included in some of these additional projects. This year and last, I’ve illustrated a few Eerie Cuties stories and a Magick Chicks story. You can check them out along with Pixie Trix’s various webcomics here:


One stretch goal met during Gisele’s last Kickstarter was a Menage A 3 Zombie special which we’re putting together now. Regular Pixie Trix writer Dave Lumsden wrote the story. I’m drawing and inking. I believe my regular guy, Anwar Hanano, will be doing the colors. I’m about halfway through the art chores so my end doesn’t have much to go. I expect to be done within the next two weeks. This will be coming out digitally as well as in print. I can’t wait to hold this one in my hands!

In Die Kitty Die news…

Dan Parent and I are almost done getting out the packages for our supporters of our Die Kitty Die Hollywood Or Bust Kickstarter campaign. If you’re still waiting for your package, please hang in there. It’s on it’s way! And thanks for hanging in there with us!

Work has begun on our next Die Kitty Die volume, Die Kitty Die Heaven And Hell. Dan and I have hashed out our storyline and we’ll be putting this one together right after the start of 2018.

Back to Batman and Spidey, I hope everyone enjoys my mash-up. If anyone has any ideas for other crossovers and team-ups, please let me know! You never know who might spark a new idea!


Thanks, Everybody!










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