Afterlife With Archie #11 Cover Art

A Private Commission for an Afterlife With Archie #11 cover…

This piece is a private commission as a fantasy cover for a never-published Afterlife With Archie #11… hence the numbering on this cover art. This one measures 11″ x 17″ and it was colored by hand using Copic markers.

As far as I know there has never been an actually “official” Afterlife with Archie #11. The popular series ended… or as Archie Comics likes to say,… “went on hiatus” with issue #10. What the fate of that book is I have no idea but I doubt very much that like its characters, it will ever come back from the dead. I think all the Afterlife With Archie that’s out there… is all we’re ever gonna get. If you want to see the story of Archie in a zombie apocalypse, however, tune back here every Friday for Fan Fiction Friday!

What’s Fan Fiction Friday? I’ve rebooted the Afterlife With Archie premise and I set it in the Classic Archie Universe. Every Friday I post a new page of an ongoing story. This is a fresh new story carrying nothing over from the previous “official” Afterlife With Archie series. Come back to this site or follow me on social media and see a new page every Friday. All previous pages are up here already so its easy to just catch up on the story so far!

In addition to Fan Fiction Friday… all zombies aside… don’t miss Secret Origin Saturday! Every Saturday, I post a different one-page origin of a favorite superhero. All previous pages are here on the site too.

There’s always something new around here, Everybody! Stay tuned!


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