Archie & Friends #155 Page 19

Here is a page that I drew featuring Little Archie. I forget who wrote the story. I think it was probably prolific Archie scribe Angelo Decesare. The pages were definitely inked by the great Rich Koslowski who remains one of my favorite inkers of my own work. Rich has also inked both Dan Parent and myself on our own independent series Die Kitty Die. This page is Page 19 of Archie & Friends #155.

I’m going through some of my old Archie Pages looking for one that would make a good prize for the upcoming 900 subscriber giveaway for my Youtube channel, Fernando Ruiz Art. If you haven’t checked it out, please do so here:

I’ve always been a fan of Little Archie and to be perfectly candid, while I enjoy both, my preferred Little Archie was the Little Archie drawn by the great Dexter Taylor. Most fans prefer Little Archie originator, Bob Bolling, and I can certainly understand that. Bob did a great job and those are some very far out stories. Dexter’s Little Archie though is the one I grew up with and they had a more classically Archie flavor. They tended to be more comedic and even absurd. Bob Bolling’s stories were more serious and adventurous. In drawing Little Archie, I always looked to Dexter’s as my model. I always liked the big eyes and that big giant tooth Dexter gave him.

This page features most of the Little Archie cast and has an appearance by Little Sabrina. It also includes special guest star, Justin Beaver! Get it? He’s a beaver!!

What do you think? Would this make for a good prize? Please let me know in the comments below.


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