Archie & The Riverdale Gang!


It’s been a while! Happy March, Everybody! Spring is a couple of weeks away but as I type this snow is coming down hard outside the window of my New Jersey studio.

I was away on a personal vacation in the middle of February and since returning, I’ve been busy at the drawing board trying to catch up on a variety of projects. What projects are those? Well…

  1. Menage A 3 Zombie Special. I literally finished the inks on the final page this morning. Everything is now in the hands of our editor and Pixie Trix Comix publisher, Gisele Lagace, and our letterer, Taylor Esposito, and our colorist, Anwar Hanano. I still have a cover for another of Pixie Trix’s books to do. Look for that one very, very soon. I’ll be jumping on that one this weekend and hammering out a design with Gisele.
  2. Die Kitty Die Heaven & Hell: The DKD saga continues with this third story arc for everybody’s favorite witch! Dan Parent and I have one whole issue of this four part series done and now we’re wrapping up the second. I’ll be posting the black and white art for the cover to the second issue very soon. Keep checking back here. The black and white art is currently in the masterful hands of my impressively talented colorist Anwar Hanano.
  3. Secret Projects: I’ve got TWO of these on the table. These are projects that I can’t discuss publicly just yet, but once again, keep checking back here. I’ll post details and reveals as I’m permitted.
  4. Private Commissions: I’ve got a number of these in the works. I’ll be sharing most of these as I complete them. Once again, keep coming back!

Here is a private commission of Archie and the rest of the Riverdale gang. I pencilled and inked and Anwar Hanano added the beautiful colors!

Any questions? Comments? Please post below!


Thanks, Everybody!



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