Die Kitty Die Heaven & Hell #2 cover

That Anwar works his magic again!

I posted my black and white line art to this one earlier, but now here it is… My cover to Die Kitty Die Heaven & Hell #2 with beautiful colors courtesy of the talented Anwar Hanano. He really did a beautiful job on this one!

Right now, my Die Kitty Die collaborator, Dan Parent and I are hard at work on our latest DKD adventure, Die Kitty Die Heaven & Hell. As of this writing, I’ve finished my end of the first two issues and I’m currently in the middle of drawing the third. We hope to have the entire four part story finished by April.

This May, right on Free Comic Book Day, Dan and I are planning on launching our next Kickstarter campaign in order to print Die Kitty Die Heaven & Hell. We hope we can count on lots of support because as I’ve said in the past, Dan and I couldn’t make Kitty happen without all of the loyalty and generosity shown to us from Kitty’s fans. We’re talking about some special items and stretch goals to make this campaign the most fun and exciting one yet. Please stay tuned for more announcements.

Speaking of Free Comic Book Day, don’t miss the Die Kitty Die “I Love You To Death” Free Comic Book Day Special. It’s a complete book-length DKD story that is totally new! No cheap reprints from us! We wrote and drew this story to win over and catch up new readers while at the same time serving as a bridge between DKD Hollywood Or Bust and DKD Heaven & Hell for our existing fans. This one should be available at participating comic shops on Free Comic Book Day, but don’t take any chances! Let your local comic shop know you’d like this one so that they make a point of ordering it! Please also keep checking back here for more announcements regarding Free Comic Book Day!

Dan and I are talking about lots of plans for Die Kitty Die this year. We’re working out this year’s Kickstarter campaign and we still have a few surprises we’re trying to work out. Keep checking back here for more announcements and news!

Thanks, Everybody!



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