Betty as Power Girl !


One of my most popular themes at comic book conventions, here is Betty as Power Girl. I revisit this one over and over because sketches of Betty as Power Girl sell quickly and easily at cons. This one is my latest and was started at the very end of 2015’s Fan Expo Toronto this past September. I finally finished it tonight as part of a coloring demonstration in my evening Basic Drawing class at the Kubert School. I also have a Josie sketch started at the same convention. I might finish that one and post it tomorrow.


2 comments on “Betty as Power Girl !”

  1. Dennis

    Kinda ironic. Betty is SUPERteen, while it’s Veronica that’s POWERteen.
    That one turned out real nice though.

    • fernando

      Thanks, Dennis! It’s always fun drawing Betty as a super hero. I find Betty as Power Girl or as Supergirl is a lot more popular at conventions than Betty as poor ol’ Superteen. Supermen just isn’t as popular as Superman’s Kryptonian cousins!

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