Veronica on the Beach


A marker sketch of Veronica Lodge on the beach! This one was purchased by my friend and writer for Pixie Trix Comix, David Lumsdon! I still owe him a matching version with Betty!


6 comments on “Veronica on the Beach”

    • fernando

      Thanks, Eli. Actually, I will be doing a matching Betty piece as a reward for my recent Kickstarter campaign. Keep checking back here.

      • Eli Jones

        Hi, I’ve been checking back periodically. Is there any way I can purchase or view the Betty art you mentioned here?

        • fernando

          Hi Eli! The Betty compliment to this Veronica piece still has to be drawn, but I’ll be doing that very soon. It was commissioned as a reward to our Die Kitty Die Kickstarter campaign so it already has a buyer. I can still do another one for you though if you want. Let me know! Thanks!

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