I originally did a version of this sketch last month during San Diego Comic Con. It wasn’t a commission then. It was a sketch to fill my portfolio whichI try to keep stocked with as much fresh and recent artwork as possible. I also try to keep it well-rounded and versatile in terms of subject matter and characters. Earlier this year, I got a good response from the unusual romantic pairing of Jughead and Cheryl Blossom and of course nothing gets a more passionate response like my drawings of Archie in a clinch with Miss Grundy… which once again, I have to remind everyone. It’s not my idea. That’s an actual plot line from the upcoming Archie-based TV series Riverdale… except there I guess its more acceptable because on TV, Miss Grundy is going to be young and hot! Hey! I didn’t cast this thing either!

More to the topic, I decided to explore other unusual matches among the Archie gang and believe it or not, I’ve noticed a bit of a following for a Betty and Reggie romance. Their relationship seemed to get a pretty positive reaction in the Life With Archie magazine I used to draw. Maybe its the subtle excitement of the good girl and the bad boy getting together. Maybe some people want to see a reformed Reggie. (I know I don’t!) Whatever the reason, I decided to try and court this area of Archie fandom… however specialized it might be!

I drew the first version in San Diego and put it right into the portfolio. As with most of the stuff I draw, I also posted it on Facebook. A particularly enthusiastic fan of the Betty & Reggie relationship saw it and contacted me about drawing it again on a Betty & Veronica #1 blank sketch cover. That’s the version you’re seeing here. I kept it close to the original without tracing, light boxing or worrying about being super exact as I wanted this one to have a life and freshness of its own. As per the commissioner’s request, I gave Betty a pink shirt whereas in the original she’s wearing a baby blue one. I also changed the background color from pink to blue so it would separate from the pink shirt better.

These blank sketch covers have really exploded in the last couple of years. I’ve posted three so far this week including this one and I still have a couple more to finish and put up. If you’re interested in having me draw on one of these, just let me know! Keep in mind there is a charge. This is after all what I do for a living!




6 comments on “BETTY & REGGIE!”

  1. Eli Jones

    The romance between Betty and Reggie in “Life with Archie” was an interesting one. The one thing mentioned about the pairing of Jughead and Cheryl Blossom sounds interesting too.

    • fernando

      I always wanted more to happen with Cheryl on the Veronica half of Life With Archie. She appeared in the first issue and then disappeared. Of course over on the betty side, she developed breast cancer. If you look, I tried to resurrect Cheryl as much as I could by including her in my crowd scenes whenever I had the opportunity.

  2. jugheadfan

    I’ve always loved the concept of Reggie/Betty- bad boy/good girl. His attempts to cheer Betty up always seem so sincere, especially when she’s been left in the lurch by Archie.

    I absolutely loved the story in one issue where he saved her from being hit by a car and she made him a jumper as thanks, and one thing leads to another. They start dating almost exclusively but when they kiss they’re still whispering Archie’s and Veronica’s names.

    Still…gave me some hope they may end up together in another storyline

    • fernando

      We had them end up together as adults in the Life With Archie magazine. I have no idea though if they were going to STAY together. Alas, we will never know!

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