This has been a season of firsts for me.

In trying to meet all of the commission requests from the 20015 Die Kitty Die Kickstarter campaign, I’ve had to draw a lot of characters I’ve never before had to draw. I’ve already posted my very first Man-Thing (Oh boy! Here come the jokes!) and I’ve got a Ghost Rider in the works. Here is my very first ever drawing of DC Comics’ Main Man, Lobo. Like Man-Thing and Ghost Rider, Lobo’s not a character I’ve ever had a particular passion for and he’s not one I’d think would be fun to draw but with the crazy hair, the white skin, and the chains, there was plenty for me to sink my teeth into! Okay. The chains… in a week where I’ve drawn Lobo AND Ghost Rider… were a pain. I’m waiting for someone to commission a Spawn!

One of the little artistic pleasures in this one is Lobo’s pretty minimal color scheme. I did take some liberties with Lobo’s jacket and pants by making them a more denim-like blue. Although there was very little consistency in the Lobo reference I googled, a black leather jacket and pants seemed to be the most common. I thought between that much black, Lobo’s gray hair and his white skin, the piece overall would look a little TOO monochromatic. I like the way the grays play off of the blues. Normally, I stay very true to a character’s look. One of my pet peeves are artists who change a character to suit whatever they feel like drawing. My students have heard this a lot from me! With Lobo, however, I have no qualms about my hypocrisy here since the way he’s been drawn has really been all over the place.

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