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DIE KITTY DIE #4 cover

Here is my cover to DIE KITTY DIE #4. The striking colors and textures as usual are by the great Anwar Hanano, my usual colorist and former student. Here we tried to evoke pulp magazines and vintage romance comics.   Issues 1 thru 3 of Die Kitty Die are currently still available digitally over at

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Die Kitty Die #3 cover

Here is the black and white art to my cover for DIE KITTY DIE #3. There’s a lot at STAKE (Get it?) as things get HOT for everyone’s favorite fiery redheaded witch! Meet KATTY, the rebooted Kitty! Pencils and inks… as well as that little bit of hand lettering… are all by me. This one

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Hoax Hunters Page 2

Here is Page 2 to the story “Star-Crossed Lovers” written by Anthony Marques for the Image Comics series, Hoax Hunters. Unfortunately, I never finished pencilling the story. I should re-visit these pages. The story is eight pages long and all eight are in various stages of completion. I was pretty happy with how they were

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Hoax Hunters Page 1

This page was from a script entitled “STAR-CROSSED LOVERS,” written by my former student and current comic book professional, Anthony Marques. The story was for the popular Image Comics series HOAX HUNTERS. I had a good time designing the space worms in this story.