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Brainiac 5

This is a private commission of Brainiac 5 of DC Comics’ The Legion of Super-Heroes. This was a particularly fun one as the Legion have long been personal favorites of mine. The buyer gave me the choice of any Legionnaire in any costume. I bypassed favorites like Lightning Lad in his Dave Cockrum costume and

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Betty & Veronica Revisited!

Here’s a private commission recreating one of my covers from BETTY & VERONICA Digest. The original cover is available as a print. Just check over in my prints section. It remains a popular eye-catching image that stops a lot of traffic at my table at conventions. This recreation was commissioned by Sean Allen, a

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Wanna Be Archie-fied?

This personal commission was a top-secret Christmas gift from the buyer, Adam Alamo, pictured in the Jughead hat above, to his dear wife, Shannon, pictured in the really cool Star Blazers shirt! I’ve mentioned before that Adam has been a huge fan of Archie Comics and even runs the very successful and fun Fans Of

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Jem Kitty !

This was one of many Die Kitty Die commissions drawn during the Die Kitty Die Kickstarter campaign. Inspired by the iconic Janet Jackson Rolling Stone magazine cover, this piece was commissioned by Sean Allen, a big fan, and a very loyal friend and supporter of Kitty. We couldn’t do this without you, Sean. Thanks for

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Christmas Kitty !

Merry Christmas from! Keep checking this site for more art work, the latest news about me and my projects and my latest convention appearances. My 2016 schedule will be nailed down soon! It will be the Die Kitty Die World Tour! Please keep checking this site! Leave comments and share!

Die Kitty Die pin-up

The DIE KITTY DIE Kickstarter was a success beyond our expectations. When my Astro Comix partner, Dan Parent, and I first launched our campaign, we hoped we could achieve our initial goal and not make fools out of ourselves. A lot of friends and fans rallied to us though and really helped our campaign take

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Star Wars Slave Kitty !

It’s been a while but I’m back. The Die Kitty Die Kickstarter Campaign has wrapped up so now I can get back to making more regular posts here. This one is a drawing of Kitty Ravencraft as Princess Leia in her famous slave girl outfit from Return Of The Jedi. This was done in pencil,

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Die Kitty Die!

It’s been a busy period since Dan Parent and I launched our Die Kitty Die Kickstarter. A lot of people view a Kickstarter almost as just sending away for free money from the Internet, but to do it right, a successful Kickstarter campaign requires a lot of work. This is why my posts have been

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