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Die Kitty Die Sketch Cover

Eight days after it launched, the DIE KITTY DIE Kickstarter campaign became fully funded! My friend and partner, Dan Parent and I are overjoyed and incredibly grateful at the outpouring of pledges and support from all quarters. It’s really been amazing and very humbling. Chief among our biggest supporters has been the great Adam Alamo,

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The Iron Ghost Returns!

Here is another sketch of the Iron Ghost from my anthology EPICS. This sketch like the other one I just posted was intended for a never-completed sketch book I was putting together. Hopefully, the Ghost and the sketchbook will be revitalized very soon! The dazzling colors, textures, and that great background design with the cogs

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The Iron Ghost !

The Iron Ghost, pictured here, is the title character of a story I wrote and drew for EPICS, an anthology I published in 2012 along with four friends and colleagues from the Kubert School. We each wrote and drew our own six page story. Later, we did a second issue with completely new stories unrelated

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She’s Josie !

Like a previously posted Betty as Power Girl, I started Josie here during 2015’s Fan Expo Toronto this past September and like Power Girl, I finished Josie during this week’s Basic Drawing evening class as part of a coloring demo.

Minions… as Archie & Jughead !

If I ever need a few bucks, all I ever have to do is draw these little yellow, Twinkie-look-a-like Minions. Nothing moves faster or stops traffic at a convention like having Minions on display… and having the Minions as different characters like Archie and Jughead as seen here… is just like printing money!

Poison Ivy !

A larger sketch card of the Batman villainess, Poison Ivy. There are certain female characters who are guaranteed to move at comic conventions. Putting out sketches of Catwoman, Power Girl, Harley Quinn, and most recently Spider Gwen is like shooting fish in a barrel! Poison Ivy is right there with them. This is a larger

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