“Winter Is Coming!”



Here is a private commission of the ever-popular Arya Stark, the lethal young Stark daughter from the epic HBO series Game Of Thrones! This one is colored with Copic markers with the background done with Chartpak markers. My precious glitter brush was used ever so slightly on Needle’s blade but of course those effects, as I’ve said in the past, don’t scan well at all.

My posts have been too infrequent this past month. That’s always a sign of a full drawing board and that fortunately is true once again. I’ve officially begun work on my end of Die Kitty Die Heaven & Hell #4, the last issue in this arc and Dan Parent and I are still on track to launch our next Kickstarter next month on May 5th which is Free Comic Book Day! Stay tuned. I’ll be posting details as the campaign gets closer.

In addition to my Kitty work, I’m also working on TWO separate projects that I’ve mentioned before and that I still can’t discuss publicly. I’ll reveal details as I’m able.

I’ve also got a pile of private commissions to wrap up and those I’ll be posting as I complete them. Keep checking back here!

As usual, please post comments and questions below! I promise I’ll answer!

Thanks, Everybody!



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