Afterlife With Archie #1: Page 14: “Spill it, Carrottop!”

Page 14: “Spill It, Carrottop!”

It’s Fan Fiction Friday, Folks… and this week, Archie has discovered something that really grabs him! Meanwhile… is there no cure for Jughead and Dilton?

Once again, a busy schedule prompts me to posts this installment of Fan Fiction Friday on the actual Friday instead of the usual… and preferred… Thursday. I always like to post my pages here, both FFF and Secret Origin Saturday, a day early as a special bonus for those of you who visit here and check my work out here over the rest of my social media. Points to you for helping out my traffic. Rest assured Secret Origin Saturday is still on schedule and we will be posting that page late tonight. It will, of course, make the usual rounds across social media tomorrow. I’m especially proud of this page. We remain in the Marvel Universe for this one and we tackle a real heavy hitter… a really big heavy hitter! In fact, it will be a “banner” day for Secret Origin Saturday… and that hint should just serve up this week’s SOS subject with a big ol’ bow. Plus, I also gave it away on Facebook with this week’s preview earlier in the week! If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll note that I usually post hints of both FFF and SOS as my cover photo early in the week. Please check it out!

A preview for Secret Origin Saturday #4…

Incidentally be sure to come back for next week’s Secret Origin Saturday when we take a look at the one page origin of our first female super hero! This one’s gonna be fun! I can’t wait to jump into it!

Now for a little director’s cut commentary on this week’s Fan Fiction Friday page… Panel 1 includes one of my patented cameos of Cosmo the Merry Martian, a personal favorite character going back to when I was a kid reading his reprints in Laugh Comics digest. That’s it for the Easter eggs this week. What’s lurking beneath Dilton’s lab? Will we find out next week? Come on back and see! And don’t forget Secret Origin Saturday!

Need to catch up on Afterlife With Archie #1? Here ya go…

See you next week, Everybody!


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