Afterlife With Archie #1 Page 5: “Dead On Collision!”

In this fifth installment of my continuing Afterlife With Archie fan fiction, Betty Cooper once again catches the boy of her dreams with another ghoul… er… girl! With the Andrews house surrounded by the undead, Archie and Betty resurrect ol’ Betsy to get them out of there fast!

A few inside notes… The cheerleader zombie in the first panel is one of the “New Kids” created in the 2010’s to expand the Archie cast. I think her name was Sherry. This is of course the first time we see Archie’s old jalopy, Betsy, turn up in these pages. I threw her in as opposed to Archie’s Mustang just because I felt like drawing the jalopy. Jughead is in the backseat as we’ll see in the very first panel of our next page.

Incidentally, the little guy on Betty’s shirt is Archie Comics character, Squoimy the Woim, a character who used to be one of the back up features in the early days of Archie’s regular book. I first resurrected Squoimy in the pages of Archie & Friends for my “Night In The Comic Shop” stories.

If you’ve missed Pages 1 thru 4, here you go…

These pages are works of fan fiction written and drawn by me strictly for fun. Archie Comics is in no way involved with these pages and will not be publishing them. I post a new page every Friday.

Next week… What happened in Dilton’s lab…???


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