Green Arrow!

This Green Arrow private commission measures 9″ x 12″ and was done in pencil, ink, Copic markers and Chartpak markers. This one goes out to the great Jason Nuttall, a Facebook friend and a loyal supporter of my work and especially my Youtube channel, Fernando Ruiz Art. Wanna check out my videos and my channel? Please do so here:

This piece was drawn as the grand prize in my channel’s recent 800 subscriber giveaway. I actually offered Jason, the grand prize winner whose name was drawn randomly, his choice of a full figure commission of ANY character. He in turn gave me a choice. I could choose from Marvel’s the Thing, Wolverine in the John Byrne designed brown costume and the Neal Adams designed Green Arrow. The Thing is always fun to draw but I’ve always loved this Neal Adams design for Green arrow and to my memory, I’ve drawn it very, very rarely. I’d just come off of drawing a couple of Wolverines so I passed him over early. No offense to Wolverine whom I always liked. You can watch Green Arrow come together here:

You can also watch the Emerald Archer receive his colors via Copic and Chartpak markers here:

This is a favorite design and one of those costumes that so perfectly suits its wearer that its a crime to ever change him out of it. Incidentally, I am always available for private commissions. If you have something in mind, just reach out to me via my email: and we’ll talk!


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