I’ve posted the pencils and inks to this piece but now here is the final product in color! The beautiful colors and the top notch lettering were both by my pal and another protege of mine from the Joe Kubert School, Fabio Redivo. Longtime followers of this blog might remember Fabio working on my stuff before. Most notably, Fabio colored my six page story The Iron Ghost for the anthology we both collaborated on, Epics.

This piece came about in part of course with the release of Archie Vs Predator 2, the sequel to the massively popular Archie Vs Predator miniseries I drew back in 2015. No. I have nothing to do with the sequel. Archie Comics is still… Archie Comics, a toxic little company run by petty, nasty short-sighted people. Regardless, it has been a long time since Fabio and I worked on anything together and so Fabio suggested that I come up with something that he could color. With AVP2 in the ether, I’d been kicking around the gag we went with on this piece so it seemed like a good project for us to bat around together.

Plus as it happens, Fabio and I are both appearing at the great Garden State Comic Fest at the end of this month so the timing is perfect to collaborate on a piece that we could both debut at a show that we’ll be at together. It had to happen!

Details on Garden State Comic Fest can be found over on my Events page. Fabio and I will be side by side. You can find me in the Heroes rink at Table 174. We do have prints that we’ll be selling and signing at the show. Fabio and I don’t do many shows together so this is a rare opportunity to get both of our signatures at once. Of course, I’m sure I’ll still have a supply to sell here on my site so if anyone is interested in one of these prints, please just let me know. I’ll certainly sign them but after the show, I can’t guarantee that I’ll have any more signed by Fabio too.

Incidentally, if you missed my earlier posts, here is this piece in its pencil stage and then after inks.

By the way, I’ll also have many of my other prints seen here on this site including my other recent pin-up, Twelve On A Straw…

I hope you enjoy these pieces, Everybody… and these write-ups. Please feel free to leave any comments below!

Thanks, Everybody!


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