SHAZAM! It’s The Marvel Family !

SHAZAM! The Marvel Family pay homage to the iconic cover to The Fantastic Four #1 by the legendary “king,” Jack Kirby on this private commission that I’ve gotten ready for my pal and long, long time supporter, Henry Wagner. I’ll be delivering this one in person at this week’s Garden State Comic Fest at the Mennen Arena in Morristown, NJ. For more details on that always-a-blast show, please check out my Events page.

Here is the original cover that inspired this piece…

My version is on 11″ x 17″ bristol. It was pencilled, inked, and colored with a combination of Copic and Chartpak markers. There’s also a little colored pencil blended in there too for a few highlights. Here is the pencil and inked stages:

This was a particularly fun commission. I love the original FF cover and I enjoy anything having to do with Captain Marvel (Yeah. I don’t care what DC Comics wants to call him now.) and the classic Marvel Family! I look forward to revisiting this classic cover again in more upcoming commissions. My pal, Henry, has lots of great ideas! I’ll keep everyone posted! Please keep coming back here.

And if you have your own suggestions for other similar mash-ups, please let me know in the Comments below!

Thanks, Everybody!


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