Batman Beyond!


Here’s a piece that I drew a few years ago… so I hope folks will be kind!


I forget the exact circumstances but a few years ago… (I want to say around 2012) … a group of my fellow instructors at the Joe Kubert School and I decided …just for the fun of it… that some of us would pencil a piece of art that another in our group would ink. I forget how I landed on Batman Beyond but that’s who I decided to draw and so I drew the piece that you see posted here. Once I was done, the page went to one of my former students turned colleague on the Kubert School faculty, Giovanni Valletta, who was going to ink. Gio inked on a blue line print out and I believe we both posted the results years ago when he actually did it. If I can dig up his inks, I’ll post them here later. Because Gio had scanned the original and inked on a print out, my original pencils were untouched and preserved. A couple of weeks ago, Gio came across the page and returned it to me so of course I had to share it here.

It’s always a little wince-inducing to look at work that’s a few years old. I’d do some many things differently now. Still, I hope everyone enjoys this piece. ┬áNow that its back, it’ll go into my portfolio and make the rounds with me at the different conventions next year.

What do you think? Please let me know in the comments below!





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