Captain America Vs The Red Skull

I’m in the process of rebuilding the ol’ portfolio. This is something that I have to do every now and then. Normally during convention season, I’m selling a lot of pieces out of my portfolio leaving it with lots of blank, empty sleeves by the end of the year. 2020, of course, was a bust in terms of conventions, but my Die Kitty Die co-creator Dan Parent and I had a very brisk Kickstarter campaign for this year’s Die Kitty Die hardcover, Die Kitty Die Starstruck (Available now!!), and through the course of the Kickstarter, I was able to move a lot of my pieces.

Now I must rebuild! Pieces like this one and the Superman piece I posted yesterday I draw for fun and to restock the portfolio. These pieces of course are available for sale so if there’s ever anything anyone is interested in acquiring, lease reach out and let me know. Incidentally, I know it seems like the contact feature on this site does not work, but your emails do seem to be reaching me. You could also reach out directly at

Now I try to work the social media as best as I can. I’m on Facebook, Instagram and I’m currently building my own Youtube channel which I talked about yesterday and which you can visit here:

I’m also on Twitter but I really hate Twitter so I usually just post there via Instagram. I do however remain pretty active on LinkedIn and I posted this piece there. One of the features I like about LinkedIn is that you can see who’s been looking at your posts and where they work. Strangely enough, as of this writing, this piece has received five views from the United States Department of Homeland Security and four views from the Internal Revenue Service. These agencies have never come up as having viewed any other piece that I’ve posted there. I have no idea why they would show up for this one. I’ve been wondering if somehow the swastikas on the piece have triggered some sort of algorithm that has alerted these departments but I have no idea if that’s how this works. I’m not particularly worried about this but I find it pretty interesting and more amusing than anything else. I’ve also posted yesterday’s Superman piece on LinkedIn as well but so far no government agency has appeared to take notice of it. Again, I’m wondering if the Nazi regalia is the key element here.

I’m considering drawing a Captain Nazi piece and posting it as an experiment. What do you think? If anyone has any insight into this or your own crazy theories, please post them in the comments below.

Incidentally… at the risk of alarming Homeland Security and the IRS… I’ve never drawn the Red Skull very much, but he is fun to draw. I love that face with the big Kirby-esque mouth and big crooked teeth!


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