Although I’ve always loved the X-Men, I was never wholeheartedly on the Wolverine bandwagon as a lot of fans of my generation tend to be. I enjoyed the character but I preferred him as the short, homely psychotic X-Man with the time bomb temper. I was never as interested in the character when he was on his own or the star of his own feature. I always preferred him to play off of the other members of a cast.

All that having been said, Wolverine’s big moment in The Uncanny X-Men #133 is one of those undeniably cool and memorable moments of comic book history and I wanted to revisit that moment… or rather the seconds before that moment… here. I hope I did that classic iconic scene justice.

I think I was largely inspired to draw this because I recently picked up a couple of Marvel Legends Hellfire Club mercenary figures. They’re a fairly simple figure but they fit the role of the Hellfire Club goon well enough. With their striking colors and creepy face masks, the Hellfire Club henchmen were always among my most favorite cannon fodder goons and these figures certainly took me back to this moment.

Points go out to Jorge Cabral! Jorge is a veteran of one of my online courses at the Kubert School. He’s also been a very loyal supporter of my YouTube channel, Fernando Ruiz Art, and he’s even been a faithful regular in the live chats during my videos’ premieres! Check out …and subscribe… to Fernando Ruiz Art, here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJhy56KducLyLVmPex8iJGA

Recently, Jorge asked me if he could ink this Wolverine piece and I of course was happy to have him do it. Here is the result of our collaboration. I think Jorge did a great job:

Are there any other iconic moments through out comic book history that you’d like me to revisit? I’ve got a few in mind so please keep checking back here to watch when I put these scenes down on paper. If you’ve got ideas of your own, let’s here ’em! Please put your suggestions in the Comments section below!

Thanks, Everybody!


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