DIE KITTY DIE debuts at San Diego Comic Con!



It’s been a while since my last post, but I’m back now from San Diego Comic Con 2016 so my regular postings will resume! Keep checking back here and as always, keep commenting! I love comments and I reply to each one!

First the report from San Diego…

This was a big event for Dan Parent and myself. As per our plans, we introduced to the World our brand new DIE KITTY DIE deluxe hardcover! It was an even bigger moment for us than you might think since it was the first time we saw these hardcovers ourselves. We were working right down to the wire on these and our printers shipped the books directly to the convention. We literally did not see a physical copy until we got to the convention ourselves and open a box of them. This was a risky move for sure but sometimes Life forces you to live on the edge!

Fortunately the books look great! The quality is excellent and our artwork reproduced very well. We were very, very happy! Thanks to Fadi, Tony, and Keith at our new publisher, Chapterhouse Comics, for helping us get to the finish line with our printer and make this book as great as it is.



We immediately cracked open a number of cases and laid them out on our Die Kitty Die table as shown above. The response was great. First off, we had a number of our loyal, generous Kickstarter supporters, who came by and collected their books personally. Then we outright sold a bunch of books throughout the five days of the show. A lot of sales were to Archie fans who saw our Archie work and decided to give Kitty a try. A lot of sales were to people coming to Kitty absolutely cold. That means they’d never heard of Kitty or us before, but they saw the book… with its beautiful Darwyn Cooke cover… and they decided to give the book a try. We had a good number of those and that was very encouraging.  We also sold a couple of BATCHES of books to comic shops and dealers so you’ll have even more access to Die Kitty Die out there!

Just to reiterate, this is the DELUXE HARDCOVER with lots of EXCLUSIVE material including the stunning Darwyn Cooke cover and an exclusive Kitty & Friends story by our pal, the talented Gisele Lagace, artist of Archie Meets Ramones. Don’t forget! You can still order your own copy through our STORE here:




It was interesting to see how many online orders we received during the course of the show. Clearly, our being at the con raised the awareness of Kitty so I’m certainly happy to have been there.

Aside from the books themselves, it was also nice to reunite with some of our Die Kitty Die team like legendary letterer Janice Chiang and one of our inkers, the incredible Rich Koslowski! Both are exceptional talents and pros! We could certainly have not done this without them!


We’re both back home now and back to work on our various projects. I don’t think I can talk about what I’m working on yet so I won’t. Now we’re also going full ahead to ship out books for our incredible Kickstarter supporters so if you pledged last year, hang in there! Your book is on its way! Thanks for your patience! I’ve got lots of sketches and commissions ahead of me and those I can certainly post and I will. Keep checking back here! My goal is to post something new here everyday. Check on back here!

Dan and I will next be appearing at Toronto Fan Expo in September. Make your plans now! It’s going to be a blast. Not only will Dan and I be there, but we’ll also be joined by our pal, the aforementioned Gisele Lagace who will have her Pixie Trix Comix products available at the show. Come on by!




Thanks, Everyone!


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  1. Ernie Pereira

    Peggy and I are Thrilled Die Kitty Die went over so well. Eagerly await our Treasures in Toronto at Fanexpo Con. We cannot wait to see you, Dan and Gislele in Sept.

    • fernando

      Thanks, Ernie! San Diego was great! We’re really looking forward to Fan Expo which is really one of our favorite shows mostly because of good friends like you and Peggy! We can’t wait to see you guys too! It’s always fun!

    • fernando

      Thanks, Andrew! We’re very happy with it. We’re also looking forward to Toronto. It’s one of our favorite shows of the year. See you there!

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