KISS #1 Variant Cover



It looks like it can now be told!

Here is my variant cover for the first issue of the NEW KISS comic book series from Dynamite Comics. This is a “coloring book” themed variant where fans can actually color the cover themselves. To that end, I left this one in black and white and left many shapes open with a minimum of rendering. Believe me! I had to restrain myself a bit.

It was a fun bunch of characters and a bit of a thrill to draw such  popular, well-regarded, and enduring pop culture icons! It was also a bit of a thrill to have the legendary Gene Simmons himself sign off on my work. Naturally this one involved a good bit of referencing. Anthony Marques, my editor at Dynamite, certainly came through on that front but my consultant on all things music-related, the talented (and rock goddess herself) Gisele Lagace came through with all the right links and helped to explain key references in the script to me.

You can read more about Dynamite’s new series and see the other covers at the link below:


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2 comments on “KISS #1 Variant Cover”

  1. John Leasure

    As usual spot on. You hit the nail on the head and all the usual stuff you say about a beautiful piece of work. I’ve said many times you can draw anything!

    • fernando

      Thanks, John. I do pride myself on being versatile. It’s something I work very hard at and I definitely think it’s the key to staying employed. I tell my students this all the time. You can imagine what a jam I’d be in if all I could draw was Archie!

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