Die Kitty Die Sketch Cover


Eight days after it launched, the DIE KITTY DIE Kickstarter campaign became fully funded! My friend and partner, Dan Parent and I are overjoyed and incredibly grateful at the outpouring of pledges and support from all quarters. It’s really been amazing and very humbling.

Chief among our biggest supporters has been the great Adam Alamo, an enthusiastic Archie fan who out of his love of Archie started the Fans of Archie Comics Facebook page all on his own. He’s been a huge fan of both Dan and myself and he has made it his personal mission to spread the word of Die Kitty Die everywhere he could. I have no doubt we would not be funded as quickly as we were without Adam’s help. He’s a great supporter and a very good friend. An avid collector of art, Adam has both purchased and commissioned many pieces from both Dan and I. His latest commission is the Kitty marker drawing on the blank Archie sketch cover above.

Our Kickstarter is still continuing with over three weeks left. Dan and I have planned a number of cool incentives and exciting new stretch goals. Please help us make this project bigger and better!



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