DIE KITTY DIE ! Variant Cover


Here is my cover to the special “secret project” I’ve been working on with my friend and Archie Comics colleague Dan Parent. The title is “DIE KITTY DIE.” Beautiful witch, Kitty Ravencraft, is a real live comic book character who appears in her own comic book series. When her greedy ruthless publishers want to spike interest and sales in her book, they decide the best and easiest way is to do what a lot of comic book companies do… kill off the main character! These publishers, however, decide they’ll really get a lot of “ink” if they REALLY kill Kitty in REAL LIFE! Killing a witch though is not as easy as they might think! It’s action! It’s comedy! It’s sexy!

Dan and I are both writing and drawing. The coloring here is by my usual colorist, the great Anwar Hanano! If you like our idea and want to read more about Kitty… as well as see all the other great talent we’ve got on board… please check out our Kickstarter page:


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