Happy Halloween, Everybody!


Happy Halloween, Everybody!


It’s been a long while since I’ve posted an update here. If you’ve been checking back here, thanks for hanging in there. I should be resuming regular posts again now going forward. As is usually the case with these sabbaticals, if I’m not posting, I’m busy with projects. Now as these projects are getting wrapped up, I can take the time to post a bit of an update on what’s been on my table.

First off, let’s start off with the Die Kitty Die report. All work has been completed on Die Kitty Die Heaven & Hell and the whole book is reportedly at the printer as I type this. Dan Parent and I hope to get the hardcovers back by the end of the month and then we can start putting together packages and getting them out throughout November and December. Not long now, Everyone. Thanks for your patience and for hanging in there with us. In the meantime, all four issues of DKD H&H are available for digital download on Gumroad. You can check them out here:



Speaking of Die Kitty Die, one of the projects that have kept me busy this past summer has been the Die Kitty Die Cathouse of Horror Halloween Special. This is a special stand alone issue full of completely new original material written and drawn by Dan Parent and myself. The special, as with most of our books, comes with two variant covers, one by Dan and one by me. Here is my cover which hopefully my fellow comic book fans will recognize as an homage to a famous classic comic book cover:

The DKD COH Halloween Special is all done and it’s also at the printers right now. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll have it in time for Halloween, but please bear with us.

The DKD COH Halloween Special is one of THREE halloween projects that I worked on this summer. The other two projects were for Dynamite Comics. First, I illustrated an eight page story written by Leak Williams which will be the back-up story in the Bettie Page Hollywood Special. I handled both the pencils and the inks.

I had a ball drawing Bettie Page and I’d love to do more.

The third halloween special I worked on is the Elvira Mistress Of The Dark Halloween Special. For this one, Dynamite called upon the Die Kitty Die team as Dan Parent and I both wrote and drew the main twenty page story.

In addition to the main story, I’m also illustrating an eight-page back-up story written by Scott Bryan Wilson.


These two specials should be available on Wednesday, October 24th. I hope everyone will pick them up. Make sure you let your local comic shop retailers know you want ’em!


Now these three Halloween specials are out of the way, so what’s on my drawing board now?

First up are two special one shots that I’m drawing for Gisele Lagace’s Pixie Trix Comix. The first, Wolfharts, is almost done, leaving me another special to pencil and ink. More info on that one as we move forward and more art for it comes together. All I’ll say is that it involves sci-fi so I’m really looking forward to it! Here is a sneak peak at the Wolfharts special below…


Beyond these specials, I’ve got a few other projects in the works including a number of commissions and private projects that I need to catch up on. Plus, I’ve also been working on an audition piece for yet another project that I hope I’ll be able to talk about soon.

I think that’s about it for now, Folks. Convention Season is wrapping up for this year. Dan Parent and I have one more stop together this year which will be next week’s convention in London, Ontario. More on that on my Events page later. Hopefully the posts and updates moving forward will be more regular and more frequent. As always please keep checking back here and please leave comments and questions below!

Thanks. Everybody!


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