Julie Newmar as Catwoman!

Time for another update, Folks!


Whenever I appear to be laying low and there’s a bit of a gap in between my posts here, its safe to assume, I’m at the drawing board busily drawing away. Well, this week I was doing that, but I’ve also been making a huge effort to get out the last of the rewards and packages for the loyal supporters of our Die Kitty Die Hollywood Or Bust Kickstarter campaign. We’re almost at the end now. I’ve got a big batch of packages going out tomorrow. I’ll still have a handful of packages left that need some form of art from me. I hope to get those done this week and get the remaining packages out by Friday. Once again, I have to thank everyone not only for their support but for their patience. Dan and I are a two-man crew and there’s a lot of work involved in getting these packages out. In our case, not only do the rewards have to be packaged and addressed, but in many, many cases there are specific art requests that need to be met. That’s A LOT of drawing and its just the two of us doing it! Fortunately, we’re coming to the finish line for this particular campaign and can fully focus on our 2018 Die Kitty Die Heaven & Hell campaign!

Speaking of which, work has already started on this third Die Kitty Die arc. Dan and I are both deeply into issue #1 and we’re on track to launch this year’s Kickstarter campaign this May. Once again, we’ll be offering lots of opportunities for original art and personal commissions like this piece here. This of course is the legendary Julie Newmar in her iconic role as Catwoman from the 1966 Batman TV series. Not to take anything away from Eartha Kitt and Lee Meriwether, but for my money, Julie Newmar was my favorite in the role.

This piece is on 9″ x 12″ bristol and colored with a combination of Copic and Chartpak markers. There are also shimmery accents on Catwoman’s costume that I added with my new glitter pen. This pen was recommended to me by my pal, Pixie Trix Comix’s Gisele Lagace. I like it a lot and it can give my marker sketches a nice, eye-catching emphasis. Unfortunately, the glitter effects do not appear to show up in scans so you can’t see them here.

Take my word for it. It looks cool!

On the drawing board… As I said above, I’m working through my end of Die Kitty Die Heaven & Hell. I’m also still working on the Menage A 3 Zombie Special which I’ve been talking about a lot recently. I’m almost to the end of that book. Its been a blast and I can’t wait to see it finally in print!

There are also TWO projects which I can’t discuss yet. One is a sure thing that I need to get started on. The other is an audition and we’ll see how it goes. I can’t really say much about it other than its a gig that is right up my alley and I think would be a lot of fun.  I’ll of course announce it here as soon as I’m cleared.

Wish me luck, Everybody!




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