Kitty as Chastity!

Here is Die Kitty Die’s Kitty Ravencraft as Chastity, a character from Chaos Comics. This was done on a Die Kitty Die Hollywood Or Bust blank sketch cover for one of our DKD HOB Kickstarter supporters. Packages are still going out, Folks. Please be patient with us and thank you for hanging in there.

As I’ve mentioned recently, my Die Kitty Die cohort, Dan Parent, and I are planning on launching a new Kickstarter campaign this May to fund our next DKD volume, Die Kitty Die Heaven & Hell. Work on this one has already begun! Stay tuned! We will undoubtedly be offering similar opportunities for our backers to pick up original custom pieces like this one. Of course, no one has to wait for the Kickstarter to begin. Dan and I are available for personal commissions year round so if you’re interested, please contact us.

Regarding this piece, Chastity was a new one for me. I wasn’t really familiar with the character until I had to do my research to draw this piece. ┬áThis one was colored with a combination of Copic markers and Charpak markers. This is also the first piece I used my brand new Japanese glitter pen. My pal, Pixie Trix Comix creator, Gisele Lagace recently introduced me to this pen. I dug the effects it can give you so I picked one up from Amazon. It works pretty well and can give you a shimmery accent where you apply it. Unfortunately, its glittery effects don’t scan very well so you really can’t see the results on this piece here properly.

What other characters would you like to see Kitty cosplay as? Please let me know in the Comments below.

Thanks, Everybody!




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