Rebirth Superman!

Look up in the sky!


Here is a privately commissioned marker sketch of DC Comics’ Superman. As requested, the Man of Steel here is sporting the look he had during DC Comics’ “Rebirth.”

Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a long time Superman fan. Superman is one of my all-time favorite fictional characters and definitely my favorite comic book super hero. An “old stool” traditionalist, I haven’t been a fan of a lot of the looks they’ve given Supes over the last few years. I never understood the desire to do away with his red trunks… and I cringe whenever I hear anyone refer to the trunks as “underwear” or even worse a “diaper.” The moment they use terms like that, they are broadcasting that they just don’t understand what they are looking at… and honestly, they’re probably betraying at least a little contempt for the character even if its on a subconscious level. “Oh I LOVE Superman… but isn’t he soooo stupid?”

All that having been said, once I started drawing this piece I found myself not minding this particular design as much as I thought I would. Its probably the least offensive of all of Superman’s recent looks. I’m still committed to the trunks and that’s not just my inflexible traditionalism talking. The character’s design absolutely needs it. Its a splash of red that breaks up all that blue. Without it, Superman looks “naked” and unfinished. The red boots also fends off the look that Superman is wearing a big blue “onesie” with “footsie” pajama feet. The belt, which looks ridiculously thin and delicate also needs to be yellow to again break up the monotony of all that blue. I don’t understand the purpose of the wristbands but I could live with them. In this golden age of over-design, those wristbands could’ve been A LOT worse!

My understanding is that Superman’s look has been modified even more after this one. I’m not sure exactly what he’s wearing now. I made my peace with this one. If the current generation is absolutely phobic about the trunks, I guess this design isn’t too bad. As we’ve seen, it sure could be worse!

About the actual piece itself, the original was done on 9″ x 12″ bristol paper and colored with Copic markers.

What are your feelings about Superman’s costumes? Which ones have been your favorites?┬áPlease let me know in the Comments below.


Up! Up! And away, Everybody!





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