Self Portrait!


Here’s a piece I did for a sketch book I never finished putting together. Yes. That’s my face on the Iron Ghost’s screen. The colors and textures were all done by the talented Anwar Hanano!


2 comments on “Self Portrait!”

  1. Dennis

    Except for your face on the screen, that looks very “pulp”, sort of like what if Eando Binder’s “Adam Link, Robot” stumbled into an H.P. Lovecraft story somehow. Then when you put your face on the screen in his chest it gives the whole thing a comical effect. Pulp sci-fi/weird horror/comedy?

    • fernando

      I can’t deny that somewhere in the back of my mind, Adam Link was influencing me. Consciously, in designing the Iron Ghost’s face, I wanted something of a retro-looking robot with a bit of a sinister looking countenance.

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