And we are LIVE, Everybody!

Today Saturday, May 5th, my Die Kitty Die partner, Dan Parent, and I have launched our latest Kickstarter campaign, the campaign to fund our Die Kitty Die Heaven & Hell series! Pictured above is my colored cover art for my cover of DKD H&H #3. The beautiful coloring is once again by the talented Anwar Hanano. You can check out our campaign for yourselves here:


I’ve been talking about this campaign a lot lately and now its here! Everyone has been very kind and generous with us in the past. As I’ve often said, Dan and I could not do this without the kindness of everyone of our supporters. Here is your chance to help us keep Kitty going and to get yourself the next Kitty series before anyone else! Plus, keep checking our campaign! As we move forward, we’ll be adding more add-ons and rewards so please keep tabs on us!

Today was Day 1 of the campaign and we had a spectacular first day where we raised almost nine thousand dollars. We stand at being 34% of our total goal. Please help us get all the way. As soon as we reach our initial goal, we can start talking about stretch goals and then the fun really kicks into high gear! Dan and I have been talking about some fun stretch goals and I’ve already hinted at… Hell! I think I’ve flat out said ’em… a few of the ideas we got cooking! Let’s make it happen, Folks! Once again, we can’t do this without your support. Please help were you can and please help us spread the word out there anyway you can. Share our posts! Retweet our tweets! Keep linking to the campaign itself! Anything you can do is highly appreciated!

Our thanks go out to everyone who’s already chipped in! You guys are great!

Thanks a lot, Everybody!




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