Wonder Kitty!


It’s been a while… and what a while it’s been!


Much has happened since my last post. Once again, when I’m laying low, its usually because I’m swamped with work. Fortunately, it’s the Summer now. Classes are done for the school year at the Kubert School where I teach so hopefully now I’ll have the time for more frequent and more regular posts. I’m been producing a lot of art in the last few weeks so I hope to be posting a lot of it over the next few days. Please, as always, keep checking back here.

Now onto the news…

First off the big news is the Die Kitty Die Heaven & Hell Kickstarter has wrapped up and it was a big smash! We not only made our goal but we went well over it. In fact, we surpassed what we did last year with our Die Kitty Die Hollywood Or Bust Kickstarter campaign and we did it with a lot more new, first time supporters. This tells us that Kitty is getting more and more new fans which is great news! The artwork for DKD H&H has been completed so now its a matter of putting the book together and then getting it printed. If all goes smoothly, we should be looking to getting physical copies in our hands later on this Summer. That means my Die Kitty Die co-creator, Dan Parent, and I will be send out Kickstarter packages before the Summer is out. Once again, as we always say, our supporters make this happen. We couldn’t do it without you. Many, many folks pledged money and shared our posts all across social media and it really, really makes a difference.  This is how we’re able to do this so to you guys, thank you very much!

Onto the drawing board…

I’m working on a number projects at the moment. As usual, I can’t talk about a couple of these. Here’s what the board looks like right now…

  1. Two projects I’m not at liberty to discuss. Of course, once I’m cleared to talk about them, I’ll be discussing these projects here and I’ll be posting whatever artwork from it that I can. Once again, please keep checking back here.
  2. I’m illustrating a story for Full Mag, a military themed magazine featuring illustrated true stories written by actual veterans about their real experiences in combat. The magazine is a very nice, slick publication and I certainly recommend it for veterans and non-veterans alike. There’s a lot of good talent associated with this magazine and I’m happy to be a part of it. I’m almost done with my story so I’ll be able to say more about it shortly.
  3.  All of the artwork for Die Kitty Die Heaven & Hell may be done, but there’s more Die Kitty Die work still to be done… including the Die Kitty Die Halloween Special! Dan and I will be writing and drawing this one NOW! We’ll be getting some help from our pal, Gisele Lagace, and many another surprise guest! More details coming soon!
  4. Speaking of Gisele, I’m drawing TWO one shots for Pixie Trix Comix as a result of their incredibly successful Kickstarter. I’ll be jumping onto those very, very soon! Those are always fun. I can’t wait to sink my teeth in!
  5. I’m working on TWO special projects for Dynamite. I’ll let them announce these and then talk more about them here after they do.
  6. Commissions! Commissions! Commissions! I’m working on a number of pieces that have been privately commissioned. I’ll certainly post those here as I complete them. Again… stay tuned! The piece I posted above… Kitty as Wonder Woman… is a marker sketch done on a blank DKD sketch cover. I’ve been doing a number of pieces like this just to rebuild the stockpile of art that I take to conventions. I’ve been trying to compile a few of these pieces and I hope to add more. I’ll post them here as I complete them. If anything catches your eye, please know that MOST pieces are available for sale. Contact me at Fernandoruizeverybody@gmail.com.

I know there’s more that I’m leaving out, but those are the highlights right now. As I mentioned before, school is out for the Summer so I’m looking forward to a few busy weeks at the drawing board. Keep coming back and I’ll show you what I’m doing!


Thanks a lot, Everybody!




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