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Betty & The Gillman!

  This is a private commission for Betty with the Gillman from my favorite of the Universal Studio monster movies, The Creature From The Black Lagoon. I’ve drawn similar pieces before. I’ve drawn one with Betty and one with Kitty on a Die Kitty Die blank sketch cover. Check out the Kitty piece here: I

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Die Kitty Die with Swamp Thing !

Here is a commission piece done on a Die Kitty Die blank sketch cover. Sharp-eyed comic book fans will recognize this as an homage to Berni Wrightson’s very famous cover to DC Comics’ House Of Mystery #92, the first appearance of the famous swamp monster, Swamp Thing. The commissioner requested some sort of team-up between Kitty

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Booinked Pg3web

Boo #1 Page 3

  Here is Page 3 of my story, “One Boo Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” from Dynamite Comics’ BOO: THE WORLD’S CUTEST DOG #1. I wrote the script, pencilled and inked. The complete BOO mini-series was collected in a trade collection and it’s currently available on Amazon. You can order it here: The link is

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