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Grumpy Cat/ Garfield #1

  A while ago, I posted the black and white art to my cover to the upcoming Grumpy Cat/ Garfield #1. Happily, I can now post the finished cover complete with colors and the final cover dress. Today posted on article on the limited series crossover written by the legendary Mark Evanier and drawn

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Menage A 3 Zombies!

  In my last post, I mentioned my pal Gisele Lagace, the Queen of Kickstarter, has launched her latest Kickstarter campaign for the latest print volume of her extremely popular webcomic, Menage A 3, from her Pixie Trix Comix stable of webcomics. Her campaign is still ongoing so please, if you feel so inclined to

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Grumpy Cat Garfield #1 Cover Art

  Now it can be told! I’ll be drawing covers for each issue of Dynamite Entertainment’s Grumpy Cat Garfield mini-series where these two titans of the cartoon cat world collide. Pictured here is my black and white artwork for the cover to Grumpy Cat Garfield #1.  Check out Dynamite’s solicitations for August 2017 for the colored

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Veronica as Wonder Woman

  Earlier I posted a Copic marker sketch of Archie Comics’ Betty Cooper as DC Comics’ Black Canary. Here is Archie’s Veronica Lodge as DC Comics’ Wonder Woman. This one is always a very popular request. I’m sure she’s not the last one that I draw. Who should I draw the Archie girls as next?

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Betty as Black Canary

  Betty and Veronica as various popular super heroes is always a popular sketch. Usually, I’m drawing Veronica as Wonder Woman and Betty as Supergirl or Power Girl. Here is Betty as DC’s Black Canary! This was drawn in pencil, inked and colored with Copic markers.