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Poison Kitty!

  Here is another marker drawing done on a Die Kitty Die blank sketch cover. This one features Die Kitty Die’s Kitty Ravencraft as another powerful comic book redhead, DC Comics’ Bat villainess, Poison Ivy. I colored this with my usual combo of Copic and Chartpak markers. I also added a little of my glitter

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Wonder Kitty!

  It’s been a while… and what a while it’s been!   Much has happened since my last post. Once again, when I’m laying low, its usually because I’m swamped with work. Fortunately, it’s the Summer now. Classes are done for the school year at the Kubert School where I teach so hopefully now I’ll

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“Winter Is Coming!”

  “WINTER IS COMING!” Here is a private commission of the ever-popular Arya Stark, the lethal young Stark daughter from the epic HBO series Game Of Thrones! This one is colored with Copic markers with the background done with Chartpak markers. My precious glitter brush was used ever so slightly on Needle’s blade but of

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