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Star Trek’s Lt. Jadzia Dax

As I mentioned earlier this week, I’m making my way through a lot of private commissions ordered through our most recent Die Kitty Die Kickstarter campaign, Die Kitty Die Starstruck. By the way, for all things, Die Kitty Die, please visit our Die Kitty Die website: Here we have Lt. Jadzia Dax from Star

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Meet… Supermarvel!

“Who is this guy?” Meet Supermarvel. Believe it or not, this was the very first super hero character I ever created. I came up with this guy around 1982 when I was about twelve years old. Now “came up with” is a very loose phrase. Much of Supermarvel here… right down to his name… is

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Betty as Saturn Girl

I love commissions involving the Legion of Super Heroes and this was definitely a fun one. Here as requested by the commissioner we have Archie Comics’ Betty Cooper dressed as Saturn Girl from DC Comics’ The Legion of Super Heroes. Specifically, Betty here is decked out in Saturn Girl’s 1970’s costume as designed by Dave

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