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Betty as Saturn Girl

I love commissions involving the Legion of Super Heroes and this was definitely a fun one. Here as requested by the commissioner we have Archie Comics’ Betty Cooper dressed as Saturn Girl from DC Comics’ The Legion of Super Heroes. Specifically, Betty here is decked out in Saturn Girl’s 1970’s costume as designed by Dave

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It’s DIE KITTY DIE Launch Day!

It’s finally here, Everybody! It’s DIE KITTY DIE LAUNCH DAY! Die Kitty Die #1 is finally ready and available on Gumroad. If you supported our Kickstarter, you should be receiving an email directing you to Gumroad where you can download your free copy of Die Kitty Die #1. If you missed our Kickstarter but would

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Tiffany Winters, Monster Slayer!

This is one of my favorite panels in the Tiffany Winters story I’m drawing for Pixie Trix Comix’s Eerie Cuties! I’m having a ball with these characters. After all, I’m drawing my specialties… cute chicks and monsters! This panel has been pencilled and inked. I still have to do some clean-ups on it.